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Space science talents should be geared to national development


The 19th National Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Space Physics was held on april 27, 2021, with nearly 600 attendants from 57 research institutes and universities across the country. Wang Chi, chairman of the Space Physics Committee of the Chinese Society for Space Science and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the number of participants this time has reached a record high, with young faces accounting for the majority, which fully reflects the vigorous development of space science in China. The growth of the talent team.

Wang Chi emphasized that the training of space science talents should be geared to national development needs, and the results of space science research will play an irreplaceable role in the security of national space assets in the future. Actively reserve the strategic forces of space science for national needs is a development priority. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to vigorously develop the cause of space science, so that young people can do something and provide them with a stage to display their talents. Secondly, to reverse the «only hat theory», pay more attention to personal contributions and innovative achievements, open up channels for talent growth, and improve the talent evaluation system.

In the undergraduate education stage, colleges and universities should help students lay a solid mathematical foundation. Wang Chi also sent a message that young people should love science, establish dreams, maintain curiosity, and continue to work hard for the realization of their dreams. As the head of the National Space Science Center, Wang Chi said that the National Space Science Center has always been committed to creating a stage that is conducive to the growth of talents, and has formulated a series of encouraging policies and various reward programs.

China “must promote the all-round development of space science, space technology, and space applications”, according to President Xi Jinping, reflects the important of space science as a force and the symbol of a space power. The intention of the National Space Science Center is to develop the cause of space science, and its mission is to build a space science powerhouse. Our team is teh core research organization of the National Space Science Satellite Project, the overall unit of the national lunar and deep space exploration payload, the national space science and its satellite engineering project and deep space. Finnaly, Wang Chi said that «in the future, we will formulate a long-term development plan for space science, including space astronomy, time and space ripples, panoramic views of the sun and earth, and livable earth to further play the leading role of the National Center for Space Science as the backbone of national strategic science and technology.»